Fresh farmers’ fruits and veg
at your workplace

Regular Delivery
  • Office mixed fruits

  • 59.40lv./box
  • Get a regular delivery of fresh fruits to your office.
    Each box contains bananas and delicious seasonal fruits.

    Delivered on a daily/weekly basis between 7 – 11 am.

    Contact us for a tailored offer for your office.

Regular Delivery
  • Office mixed veggies

  • 64.40lv./box

    Add a mix of veggies to your office fruits delivery.
    California peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and avocados are what you will find in this vitaminful box.

    Delivered on a daily/weekly basis with your fruits delivery.

One-off Delivery
  • Afternoon fruit snack

  • 64.80lv./box
  • Order a one-off delivery of delicious fruits to refresh the mind and boost the mood in your office in the afternoon.

    Delivered at your preferred date/time.

    Contact us to discuss your budget and preferences.

Weekend service
  • Box to take home

  • 69.80lv./box
  • Bring fruits and veggies home from the office with our weekend packages for employees through an ordering system.

    Delivered Thursdays and Fridays on a weekly basis.

    Contact us to set up a weekend service at your workplace.

Additional products

Order those with your fruits and veggies delivery.


Bio cow's milk

Bio nut milk


Direct juices



Roasted and raw nuts

Chocolate-covered nuts and fruits

Premium Italian biscuits

Rice cakes and snacks


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