About us

naturoffice is a project born from our desire to help office people maintain a healthier lifestyle while at work. We are very conscious about our health and the way we live and while we have spent many years working for big and small companies around Europe, we have grown to know how difficult it could be to take care of ourselves during the working ours. This is why we decided to create naturoffice – a holistic service that brings health to your office! From fresh fruits and milk, to fancy catering and beautifully arranged gift baskets. We will soon also offer other services that will help you and your colleagues enjoy an even more pleasant and healthy life at work!

Our Services

We offer daily delivery of fresh fruits, milk, tea and other awesome products for your health to your workplace. But we don’t stop there! We also offer health-related workshops and team building events. What about healthy premium gift boxes for your clients, partners and colleagues? We’ve got you covered!


All our services include FREE delivery Monday – Friday.

Hand-picked delicious fruits!

Say “YES!” to a healthy lifestyle at your workplace.


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